The best service


With the appliances of Hegro you get the top of the line when it comes to professional deep fat fryers and kitchen appliances. Via the extensive dealernetwork of Hegro you will have a Hegro service proffesional right near you. They will help you quickly and make sure business will continue as usual.

Service contract

To full fill the demands of your insurance company and to stay insured all year for fully functioning appliances, the certified Hegro dealers offer you the possibility of a service contract. In multiple ways; completely to your needs and seamlessly connected to your business. Thanks to a certain sum a year the costs of the service are manageable.

Hegro frying suggestions

Save as much as possible on maintenance and costs by following these simple suggestions from Hegro:

TIP 1) Warm cooking oil slowly up to the temperature you need, this is to lengthen the lifespan of your fat. Save fat by letting the baskets leak.

TIP 2) When frying choose the ratio 1:10. One part frying product in ten parts of fat. Don’t put salted fries back in the fryer.

TIP 3) Clean the suction filters regularly for a long lifespan of the motor and a clean suction channel. This also helps with fire safety.