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Oceanic HR:

Frying Fish Efficiently

The Oceanic HR is Hegro’s robust professional high efficiency oven for frying fish and doughnuts. The Oceanic HR is made with stainless steel and combines usability with an impressive frying capacity and a low gas and fat usage. For fish frying goals the standard boiler depth of the Oceanic HR is 150 mm.


Complete management ease

The stainless steel management panel with touch screen navigation system gives direct access to the most important functions. With the easy to control multi colored screen you navigate smoothly through several setting possibilities like frying programs, timers, ventilation times and the phone numbers of several suppliers.


Create your own Ocean HR

You can customize the Oceanic HR to your personal needs. The Oceanic HR is available in different boiler dimensions

(680/450x450 mm, 350/510x350 mm) and is expandable with a bain-marie, sink and storage compartments. Contact us for more information about the possibilities for the Oceanic HR.


The best about the Oceanic HR

• Available for installation in mobile sales vehicles

• Very low gas and fat usage

• Safety first: every boiler has oil limit security and fire prevention

• Double sided isolated curved doors

• Beautiful design

• Seamlessly welded

• Easy to clean

• User friendly touchscreen management system

• Plate work stainless steel AISI 304, Thickness 1 + 1,5 mm

arrow-rightNORTH SEA


Preparing fish has been a craft for centuries. The big square fry boilers of the North Sea and Oceanic HR are perfect for frying fish. You can fry multiple fish at once. 


North Sea: The practical fish fryer

The North Sea is a great fit for baking fish or doughnuts, and is the ideal solution for mobile selling points. The North Sea realizes an ideal constant temperature, to limit a large fat intake of the doughnuts. The heavy stainless steel pans and anchoring tabs create a solid floor anchoring. The North Sea includes gas, but electricity can also be added. This is especially designed for locations where gas isn’t available or allowed like for example: shopping malls and grocery stores.

Obtainable boiler dimensions:

680x450 mm (15 kW)

450x450 mm (10 kW) 


Safety first

With its mechanical control components, built in fire prevention, heavy chromium tap handles and added sloshing covers the North Sea is a practical and safe installation.


Create your own North Sea

You can customize the layout to your every wish. You can expand it with a bain-marie, sink and storage compartment. Contact us for more information.

The best of the North Sea

• Robust stainless steel all-fryer with conventional burner technology

• Suitable for mobile sales wagons

• Seamless welded pans in aone-piece counter top.

• Every boiler is provided with fire prevention

• plate work stainless steel AISI 304, thickness 1 + 1,5 mm