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Bakwand CADET

More than 25 years of proven boiler technology and a beautiful finish. That is the Cadet of Hegro. This Do-It-All has a timeless design, thanks to the advanced finishing methods of Hegro: The stainless steel is polished and brushed, creating a beautiful look.


Cadet: Proven Boiler Technology

The Cadet is famous for their round boilers (ø38cm) that are integrated into the counter seamlessly. The boilers have a non stick finish that limits bacterial growth. Double sided isolation gives the boiler the best possible efficiency.

Safety first

Every boiler has a mechanical pyrometer. When it goes over the max temperature the oven automatically turns itself off.

Create your own Cadet

Extensions with several option make this starter a complete deep fat fryer. You can think of:

• Automatic fat filtration system  

• Fat pumping installation

• Bain-marie      

• Griddle

• Work Island    

• Square snackpan

• fries eject pan         

• loading system

• led lighting for the doors


Contact us for more information about the Cadet.


The best of the Cadet in a row

• Proven and praised boiler technology

• Beautiful finish (according to the last HACCP norms)

• Integrated fire prevention

• Double sided isolated doors

• Ergonomic dimensions

• Simple to clean

• Royal fry storage tray over the entire width (48 cm)

• Unbeatable price/quality comparison

• Sheet metal rvs AISI 304, thickness 1 + 1,5 mm


Bakwand OPTIMA

The Optima is the sprinter of Hegro: the ideal deep fat fryer for the capacity demanding fry professional. The Optimate fries at least 5 kg without a problem.



The deep fat fryer with perseverance

The Optima is the most luxurious conventional deep fat fryer from Hegro and is known for delivering the best service. A fine example of Hegro technology: thanks to the Twin Power high-low technology the Optima delivers maximum performance with a minimal energy usage. The big 44cm round boilers that make it possible for the fries to swim are created with rvs 4 line burners and forms the power source of the deep fat fryer.

Exclusive Soft-line design

The finish of the Optima is of an unprecedented level with an eye for detail. The Optima takes shape in all soft-line facetts: the seamless counter top has a round finish at the front, while all high edges are provided with round edges. This makes cleaning the Optima easy.

The 3D shaped doors can have lights added with the same of different color settings for a striking effect. The control panel is on eye level with the multi functional Heath-Up managing display. The royal collector tray, the robust counter top, the seamlessly welded components and the unique suspension system for the snack baskets compliment the Optima.                      

Capacity choice for a lower gas bill

Unique to the Optima is the possibility for capacity choice. With one push on the button high/low in the management panel you can make a choice between high (28kW) or low (19kW) power. When times are slow people can use low power, which will obviously lower the gas bill.

Create your own Optima

Choice freedom in detail: with multiple options you can fill the Optima yourself. You can think of: led lights, dispensers, portion stations, drawer sections, cold or warm scoops, cooking plates, pita grill, work stations, fat filtration installation, automatic fire extinguish system.

Contact us for more information about the Optima.

The best of the Optima in a row

• Round pots (ø44 cm) let fries swim

• Advanced burner technology

• Simple management ease at eye level

• Beautifully designed deep fat fryers in soft line edition

• Easy maintenance

• Suction with rvs filters

• rvs AISI 304, thickness 1 + 1,5 mm




The Tornado HR Compact from Hegro stands for high performance in a slender lining. A conversion that’s only 700 mm deep and an elegant lining makes the Tornado HR Compact ideal for the smaller professional kitchen. The oven is available as a stand alone version, but can be expanded to a complete deep fat fryer as well. 


Tornado HR Compact:

the practical combination

The Tornado HR Compact delivers, with a minimal fat content and minimal use of gas, unprecedented frying performance. With the user friendly touchscreen computer you have full control of the fryer. The double sided isolated doors give the fryer a beautiful design. 

Basket elevator

The best basis for delivering quality is by working with the Hegro basket elevator system. In combination with the Automatic Frying Controller the frying setting will be as individual as you are yourself. Because the temperature is connected to the frying time, the fried product will always have the same perfection. Thanks to this controlled system (new) employees will be able to work immediately with very little instruction.

Customizable to a complete deep fat fryer

You can customize the Tornado HR Compact with a suction section, a storage tray and platform. Even with these extra’s the maximum depth stays within the 700mm, the Tornado HR compact keeps her slender form. The computer has been installed at eye level for optimal comfort.

You can customize the Tornado HR Compact to a full deep fat fryer. Create your own ideal deep fat fryer with all the powerfull professional preparation equipment that are part of the Hegro E-line 700 cooking line. For example a hard chromium griddle, eject pan, working station, fish boilers, storage trays, dispensers and more. Led lights can be instaled in different colours to compliment your deep fat fryer.

Contact us for more information about the possibilities of the Tornado HR Compact.


The best of the Tornado HR Compact

• Robust HR fryer in a compact edition, only 700 mm deep

• Ideal for the smaller professional kitchen where capacity is needed

• Extremely low gas and fat usage

• taps tapering and perfectly isolated boilers (warm heart fryer) of 4 mm thick anti adhesive steel for optimal fat outlet, provided with oil limit security and fire prevention

• Seamlessly integrated appliances

• User friendly touch screen panel

• Deliverable with a compact extractor installation that can be expended to a full deep fat fryer

• The work height can be customized

• Complete stainless steel AISI 304, Thickness 1 + 1,5 mm



arrow-rightSIROCCO HR


The advanced Sirocco of Hegro is the result of research and innovation. With the Sirocco you get the newest in the area of high efficiency technology. What’s striking is the beautiful design of the Sirocco, of course combined with the trustworthy technology Hegro is known for. 


Sirocco HR:

Innovative All Rounder

The advanced Sirocco is the latest standard in the area of high efficiency fryers. With the Sirocco you profit of very low energy usage, with a big frying capacity and a unprecedented low fat usage. The seamless finish, the beautiful design and the new innovations of Hegro make sure this deep fat fryer complies to any demands of the frying professional.

High efficiency and big savings

The Sirocco is equipped with a high efficiency boiler. Where other suppliers use a nominal fat content up to 36 liter with a 2 basket boiler, the Sirocco only has a fat content of 12 liter. This makes it possible to save considerably on fat on a yearly basis.

Every boiler is also manufactured with a KAS sensor that gives a signal to point out redundant energy. The burner gets turned off without influencing the frying process. This is when you fry without using valuable gas. That’s something you will notice on the energy bill.

Beautiful design

The design of the Sirocco is beautiful. The seamless counter top has an edge of at least 80 mm for working hygienically The doors have recessed handles and integrated led lights (choose your own color). The nicely finished led spots create perfect work place lighting and product showcasing. Your lighted company logo can also be applied to the back wall.

The carefully polished stainless steel is brushed. That complies to the latest HACCP norms and makes your deep fat fryer easy to clean. Even the suction channel is easy accessible for cleaning.

Sirocco Smart Controller

The Sirocco has an intelligent Smart Controller which controls your deep fat fryer with ease. You program the temperature settings, frying timers, lag, service number, lighting, suction and even your personal name in the service panel.

Control the Sirocco with your smart phone

Thanks to a new innovation by Hegro you are now able to control your deep fat fryer with your smart phone, wherever you are in the world. For example, you can turn the lights of your oven off before you go to bed as a safety measure. You can also turn the suction of your deep fat fryer on and off whenever you want. During the winter time this will save money on energy.

Unprecedented safe and secure

Standard security measurements have been taken that make the Sirocco compliant to the highest known safety precautions. Every unit of the Sirocco has been provided with a control box where all control components are stored.When a service is needed this can be placed in the AC box within minutes so you can continue business as usual. 

Create your own Sirocco

The Sirocco is completely customized to your needs, just like all other deep fat fryers of Hegro. Our advisers would love to discus the possibilities and determine the most ideal configuration together with you. The possibilities are endless. A transfer system (10 kg per charge) or a digitally controlled fat filtration system (type Twin-Pipe) are among the possibilities.

Contact us for more information and possibilities of the Sirocco.

The best of the Sirocco

• Unprecedented yearly savings on energy and fat usage

• Tapering and perfectly isolated boilers (warm heart fryer) of 4 mm thick anti adhesive steel for optimal fat outlet, provided with oil limit security and fire prevention

• Seamless integrated components

• Beautiful design and finish

• easy manageable with the Smart Controller

• Manage your deep fat fryer from a distance with your smart phone

• Completely customizable

• Complete stainless steel AISI 304, Thickness 1 + 1,5 mm