Hegro: premium fryer installations

Hegro knows the needs of fry professionals like no other. You don't just see that. You will notice it when you work with Hegro. Hegro stands for premium fryer installations that score on crucial points as safety and reliablity.

Honed and brushes stainless steel, a nice lining, modern operation, high performance and the use of only the very best components. Those factors make Hegro the most reliable partner of snack bars in The Netherlands and outside.


Custom work

Hegro delivers custom work. Personal preferences will always exist. Whether you want to fry in square fryers with baskets or in kettles where the fries can "swim". The deep fryers of Hegro can realise any wish. The advisers of Hegro would love to help you with important choices as the routing, capacity questions, the needed configuration and other wanted accessories.