Leading in deep fryer installations

Hegro designs frying installations and customized kitchen appliances for professionals. We are not an industry, but a Dutch craftsmanship company specialized in deep fat fryers, kitchen islands and customer specific stainless steel kitchen appliances. The love for our craft makes us think in solutions. Innovation, product design, custom work and craftsmanship are the face of our product range that is completely developed by Hegro.


A passion for our craft

Our products get created 'by hand' by our professionals, who use nothing but the finest materials and components, which results in quality and ergonomically responsible installations. Our products are sold internationally in countries like Belgium, Scotland and Italy. Especially Belgium - a country famous for their fries - is one of Hegro's biggest markets. With Hegro quality, trustworthiness and service are number one on our list.



!NEW! Foodtrucks and Foodcontainer!





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Holland Hegro the manufacturer of professional fryingsystems